Friday, 3 December 2010

Debating action at the BBC

Yesterday I braved the elements and travelled to the Open University in Milton Keynes, where I took part in recorded debate for the BBC World Service programme 'One Planet'. The subject was 'What is stopping us from taking action on climate change" - a pretty big topic that we had to get through in about 22 minutes!! Although a bit nerve-wracking, I enjoyed meeting the other panellists (Stephan Peake, Bjorn Lomborg and Sunand Prasad) and seeing how radio programme-making operates from the 'inside', which is a lot more frantic than I had anticipated. I think the debate got a little stuck on discussing the individual-level changes required, and not enough emphasis was placed on issues of governance and socio-technical transitions...but it was not a bad chat, all the same!

You can listen to the debate online

Kersty Hobson, Senior Research Fellow into the Social and Cultural Contexts of Environmental Change

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