Friday, 10 December 2010

Regained trust in multilateralism

It's 10:40 pm and the informal session is still in process. The room is packed and I wasn't allowed in so I've been sitting on the floor with the press outside of the room looking at the CCTV. It's been quite eventful, when Patricia Espinosa entered the room there was a standing ovation from all delegates to which she gave her heartfelt gratitude. This was followed by shouts from outside because some delegates weren't being allowed into the room by the UN guards (this included the main negotiator for Bolivia).

There's a general feeling of positivity and excitement from the delegates, a lot of praise to the Mexican presidency for the transparency of the negotiations, the reestablishment of trust and a new sense of confidence in multilateralism. Some, like Australia, have accepted the package as it is and others, like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, are asking to go back to finish negotiating certain details. It seems that after the informal session they will go back to polish the text and then convene the plenary session, the closing ceremony will probably be some time tomorrow morning.

I'm going back to see what happens and will write more about my impressions tomorrow!


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