Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Arrival in Denmark

Arrived in Copenhagen which is full of people walking around looking for their hotels. Although I will be staying with a friend for most of the time (Katharine Richardson from University of Copenhagen) I am staying at an ecohotel near the main station tonight. Already bumping into interesting people - long chat with someone who has helped Virgilio Viana (from Brazil) set up a prototype REDD scheme in Amazonas.

News from the negotiations includes a 4 hour wait to register and get a badge and an exciting rumor that Russia will give the planet a Christmas present by retiring their unused credits (the so called hot air from emission declines after 1990). See the Climate Action Network ECO newsletter for details. Can't believe it will really happen.

Tomorrow I am meeting Alison Tickell and KT Tunstall for coffee (they are here representing the music industry and are associated with Julies Bicycle). Then will try to register at the main conference at the Bella Center and catch up with ECI alum Simon Billet who is here with UNDP and should have good insights. And at 4pm I am on a panel with the University of Copenhagen at the Klimaforum which is the alternative conference in central Copenhagen....we are supposed to be a science resource panel and answer questions.

Diana Liverman

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