Thursday, 17 December 2009

Inside an empty Bella Center

Yadvinder, Juan and I are sitting in a cafeteria outside the plenary. We made it in ok but there was no secret bus to take us to the conference after all and we didn't need our passports either in the end. We even first got in with our old badges but were then told we needed new ones. Things are quiet in here. Plenary should start soon with the Mexican President making his statement. He was just awarded a prize but Juan and I couldn't get into the area where it took place because we have the wrong badge colour. I heard that there are now 130 heads of states here, which is the largest number ever to be in the same place at the same time. Hard to believe, but the pressure is on. I am hopeful that what Ivo de Boer said at Forest Day is true, they are not going to come here for failure.
Juan and I didn't get plenary passes. But I heard that laptops, bags, etc. are not allowed inside the plenary. And NGO people can only be escorted inside in groups. So instead we'll be able to be online, which is good too. More news soon...

Heike Schroeder

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  1. Hi Guys. Mexico just announced their 30% decline from BAU committment. You look lonely in there! Simon Billet is in plenary - Ill tell him to find you sometime!