Thursday, 10 December 2009

Senegalese agro-ecological impacts project manager seeks research collaborators from ECI

Hello ECI, Jasper Sky here manning ECI/Tyndall/UEA's booth at COP15 at the moment. A Senegalese gentleman has just stopped by and asked us whether there is a possibility that some researchers interested in climate adaptation in relation to agro-ecosystems might be found at ECI or among people we know. Here is a research opportunity, perhaps? Please get in touch with him if you're interested, or know someone who might be (Polly, perhaps this is your area?).

In his own words...

I am Souleymane Bassoum, Coordinator of Agrecol Afrique, an NGO in Senegal promoting local innovations in agro ecological farming adaptation on climate change.
We are working at community level and gathered a lot of rough materials. We are seeking
to have a connection with researchers in order to help us to digest such kind of informations.
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