Thursday, 17 December 2009


Attending a COP is similar to looking at a Dali's painting. Full of symbolism, full of meaning, everyone with its own interpretation.

This week, the Plenaries were full of symbolisms.
Tuvalu's negotiatior, concluded one of his interventions with tears in his eyes. India's delegate brought the wooden box he received as a gift in Japan, when the Kyoto Protocol was agreed. Burundi saw Virgin Mary in Connie, the COP's President (at that time). Lesotho presented argumens about the "sanctity"of the Kyoto Protocol. Nigeria concluded that you do not kill the mother before the child is born.

Can't think about what all of this, in the inside means to all, in the outside.

One of the most recent symbolisms>

"We wait for you in..(guess)... where the Copenhaghen agreements have to be transformed into a legally binding agreement" (Mexico's President speech @ COP15, Dec. 15, 10:25am) Thus if you were still waiting for the agreements, a hintch of what to expect.


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