Thursday, 17 December 2009

From the Oxford/UEA booth

I set up the Oxford/UEA booth again. There are a lot of delegates passing by, coming out of meeting rooms nearby the booth. Copsticks and reports are going like hot potatoes! I've also chatted with a few people on the state of the negotiations. Generally, delegates are pessimistic that an outcome can be achieved by end of this week. I suppose Obama is in a difficult situation, as he can either please his Senate or the rest of the world but not both. An Albanian delegate just said that the US is stalling and that the US will not agree to anything before domestic legislation is in place. Obama will be here tomorrow. Nepalese and Nigerian delegates say similar things. Spirit is down. I'm still hopeful that we can turn this around, Kyoto was no different to now. I am off now to meet with other RINGO members and then get together with old UNFCCC secretariat colleagues.

Heike Schroeder

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