Saturday, 19 December 2009

the morning after and the year that follows...

The COP has just 'noted' the Copenhagen accord (this is not as strong as a decision) and countries can sign an annex to say that they accept it. The Copenhagen accord was developed in consultation with about 26 countries with the final deal done between Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the United States. The text has lost some of the key points including any specific reference to a 50% (or other) reduction in global emissions, has no reference to peak emissions, and has no specific country commitments. It sets a goal of staying below 2 deg C, accepts the forest (REDD+) proposals, commits $30 billion (balanced between mitigation, including forests, and adaptation) between now and 2012, and hints at $100 billion pa by 2020. In plenary the rainforest countries such as PNG and Gabon, some island nations, and the least developed all argued for supporting the Copenhagen accord and everyone agrees it isnt enough to prevent dangerous climate change. There is a goal to get some specific targets in next 6 weeks. More later.

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  1. The Parties decided to take note of the Accord, but not to adopt the Accord.

    Many Parties can say that the Accord is good or useful, but the Parties decision was not on ADOPTING the Accord.
    In other words, the Accord can say anything but is equivalent to an agreement among Parties outside of the UNFCCC.