Thursday, 17 December 2009

webwatching...the US congressional delegation is speaking in code!

Oh dear...Nancy Pelosi and others from congress are speaking at a news conference in Copenhagen. Clearly talking to America as its about energy security and jobs ...rather than talking to the rest of the world more directly about emission reductions and funding! Hope people understand they have to talk about jobs to get domestic legislation passed. But still good to see Waxman, Markey and others (including Arizona's own Gabriel Giffords!) all there to support a comittment to pass US legislation. they are more globally is of 2 degree target and unleashing a technological revolution as big as the internet!

I may have the chance to join a group to think through how to better communicate climate change to American public (and my Christmas will be devoted to editing an NRC report for US Academies on information to support US responses to climate change). I want the outcome of Copenhagen to inspire me not depress me so I can reenergize my own efforts!

Next step today needs to be EU offering to cut 30% rather than 20%. Angela Merkel hinted at that. And of course we are all waiting for China....and do something good

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