Friday, 18 December 2009

Informal high-level event convened by the Danish PM ... hours before end of COP15

After a long delay, the informal high level event is now starting. They were waiting for the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to arrive. Yadvinder and I are sitting at our laptops, watching. Ban Ki-moon is now speaking. Will this high concentration of political leadership now present in Copenhagen turn the tide? It seems that nothing else can. Next is Chinas Premier Wen Jiabao. He laid out China's efforts to date on GHG reductions (energy consumption by GDP dropped by 13% and share in renewable energies increased by 51%) and laid out China's target of 40-45% carbon intensity reduction by 2020 and willingness in transparent emissions monitoring. Next is Brazil's President Lula, giving a passionate speech. He says Brazil is willing to make sacrifices and to participate in the financing mechanism if an agreement is reached. Next, finally, Obama is speaking. But I am disappointed. It is very matter of fact and fails to inject anything new into the negotiations. He is convinced this danger is real and poses a risk to security, the economy and the planet (in that order!). To reach an agreement, there has to be movement on all sides. He does not single out America’s special role in this process at all.

Heike Schroeder

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