Thursday, 17 December 2009

Dark clouds over the horizon

Heavy snowing yesterday night, strong wind this morning, dark clouds on the horizon...
the Bella Center looks empty. The absence of the NGOs delegations turned the Bella Center into something similar to the outside. A cold environment.

But in some way, it reflects the status of the COP-15. Chilling to the bone.
The high expectations built over the year about COP15 fall apart every second.
The resignation of COP/15 president took many by surprise. Connie was substituted by Denmark's Prime Minister Rasmussen. That was just the beginning of what was about to come.

Today, after 24 hours with no concrete negotaition of any issue on the agenda, the groups were re-convened. Now all the items are again under negotiation. Thus what happened over the last week and a half? Many, including Parties' delegates, wonder.

With hours before the Copenhagen clock stops, there are dark clouds over the horizon.
A political statement as outcome is closer than ever. Mexico is now at the core, is the point of convergence. As host of COP-16, everyone approaches my country. From the UNFCCC Secretariat, to Poland, to Belgium as next EU President, to Denmark...

Rasmussen dropped out of this morning high-level breakfast. The message was clear: who is next?
Dark clouds over the horizon

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