Friday, 18 December 2009

Deal or no deal?

Deal or no deal? Suddenly the tide seemed to be turning last night and a deal was not that out of reach anymore. This seemed to be in part thanks to Hilary Clinton pledging to help with setting up a $100 billion per year for developing countries if the right deal emerged here and China signaling concessions on monitoring emission reductions. Also, the issues of technology and adaptation were moving forward in the contact group. But there was no progress at all made on finance and mitigation. Maybe it was my imagination but things seemed lighter all of a sudden in the Bella Center.

So my guess is that something will be adopted, not the most ambitious but enough to officially call it a success. The heads of states were out to dinner with the Danish Queen last night. Then there was some sort of G20 meeting with important heads of state. According to the BBC, some draft political agreement was drawn up during the night to be rejected again by those countries not invited...

...Now the informal high-level event convened by the Danish Prime Minister is about to start, so Obama must have arrived....

Heike Schroeder

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